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Consulting services that you receive from your accountant, tax preparer and financial advisor may be well spent. We find that when new clients come to us they are first thinking of the cost and trying to justify the accounting and tax preparation expense in their business.

We then explain to them that we can help them better understand their business by looking at their accounting history, financial statements and tax returns.

We will then prepare a Business Performance Analysis that is written in layman's terms. The Analysis compares not only prior periods of your business but also with those in their industry in their region of the country. This Analysis becomes a very important tool for the business owner or manager to sharpen his/her pencil where need be and continue where they are performing well.

Preparing taxes for a business can be a mechanical thing, especially when a client has been preparing their own books. We can also Analyze and Consult on ways to save our client money in their corporate, business and personal taxes; enough so as to justify our consulting fees and much more.

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