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Thank you for considering Raymond A. Wallace, Accountant to service your accounting & tax needs.

We always welcome new clients to our practice, and wish to explain fully the nature of our services & fees. Our goal is to provide only those services that are needed. We work with our clients to enable them to do as much of the bookkeeping and accounting they wish to keep their fees at the lowest possible amount.

Retainer – Is estimated at the beginning of any large project that we are engaged by the client to perform.  All retainer billing clients will enjoy approximately a 10% discount due to firm efficiencies created by allowing the firm to schedule staff at standard rates and not overtime rates. All retainer billings are due prior to the start of the project.  The estimate of the retainer is based on 50% of a reasonable estimate for the entire stated project. Any additions, increases, variations and deviations from the original engagement of the project will require an additional retainage. We will discuss this with the client prior to such an event.  All large project clients must use the reatiner method.

For existing clients, retainer amounts required are based on the estimated time and expense to complete the work required and are generally based upon the prior year’s engagements and related fees.

Time and Expense –Clients are billed monthly for time and expense incurred at the firm’s established hourly rates.

2009 Hourly Rates:

Senior Staff        $125 per hour
Staff Associate    $45 per hour

Click here to display the IRS National Averages.

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